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About The Bald Guy Real Estate Team

Hola everyone,

Allow me to share a few thoughts about who we are and what we do so that you may get a feel for us as a family who is working together to help you and your family reach your real estate goals - and beyond.

I say ‘beyond’ because I have experienced this for me and my family. If you buy and sell real estate with a life strategy in mind from the start, you will not only take care of your immediate needs, but you can secure a very healthy future from the results of investing wisely. I bought my first home was I was only 19 years old and that decision helped shape the rest of my life. Today, I personally own… let’s just say a few properties , which allows us to live a very comfortable life.

I would love the opportunity to equip you with the tools that I have developed through my experience in the hope that one day you may be able to similarly equip your family and friends so that we may all enjoy a full, healthy and happy life. All because of some simple, yet smart decisions made by a humble Newfie guy that just happens to be bald and truly passionate about real estate…and can be as funny as hell too, on the right days.

My Daughter Kate and I are a dynamic, fun loving father-daughter duo who are wholly committed to helping you reach your goals. Our positive, upbeat attitudes are backed by experience and sound expertise in today’s real estate market.

At The Bald Guy Real Estate Team office, we have created an energetic culture by combining our joy for life, our experience and our values to bring you the best possible service. We have professionalism running through our veins along with a heavy dash of hard work ethic. We are dedicated to understanding the investment needs of each client by matching them with the right investment: we listen; we execute a strategic plan for your success; and we perform.

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet you and learn how we can partner together to best serve your real estate needs. Quite simply put…OMG we are super excited to hear from you and start this magnificent process that will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life!

Dean Philpott
The Bald Guy